New wrestplank and note stamps for a R. Numms & Clark square piano
New wrestplank in a R. Nunns & Clark square with custom steel stamps to match original note labels
New soundboard for an overstrung table piano
New soundboard for a table piano
Self made replacement for a broken treble agraffe from a Bechstein grand piano
Old and new steel insert agraffes
Eyepiece image of single point thread cutting process of machining a new treble agraffe for a Bechstein grand piano
Checking the form of the special thread of a Bechstein agraffe using a microscope on the lathe

I restore and replace structural components as needed, reproducing the needed parts directly or reconstructing them using careful measurements and computer software.

New self made reproduction legs for a Chickering grand
New legs for a Chickering grand
New self made reproduction music desk for a Chickering grand
New music desk for the same Chickering

Case work

I also reproduce case parts that have been damaged or replaced with anachronistic parts. I have many original patterns to copy, and have also recreated parts using photographs. I've made legs, lyres, music desks, lid props, decorative carvings, and moldings, and have a large selection of old wood and veneer for matching color and grain patterns.

New self made pedestal stand for a workbox piano
New stand for a workbox piano
Self made 1820s styled computer desk
New desk to match a Chickering square

I have built special decorated furniture, usually for musical purposes or to complement existing instruments, and have a number of period furniture pattern books for reference.

Sample scale drawings of antique piano legs
A small sample of scale drawings of original legs
Scale drawings for a piano stool based on a Duncan Phyfe window seat
Plans for a piano stool currently under construction