New grand piano hammer shanks self made to be accurate replacements for unavailable 1890s Chickering parts
New hammer shanks for an 1890s Chickering grand
New oblong head, tapered shank tuning pins with chased threading self made for a square piano
New oblong, tapered tuning pins for a square piano

I was drawn to this trade by my interests in musical instrument construction and different musical instrument tunings, and have researched the history of older American piano companies that employed more individual construction techniques.

The skill of these makers has guided my approach to restoration—I prefer to repair original parts but will replace them when a repair will compromise sound, performance or durability. I make accurate reproductions of a wide range of components such as action and case parts, tuning pins and other special screws, and have made many of the tools I use to produce them. I can also modify parts to make modern replacements work properly.