Gluing cauls and clamps for piano key bushings, backchecks and key rockers
Gluing cauls and clamps for key bushings, backchecks and key rockers
Wooden jig for holding felt and guiding a knife for cutting narrow piano dampers
Jig for cutting felt dampers for squares

Heated and plumbed plate for loosening glue to remove old ivory key top coverings from piano keys
Heated and plumbed plate for removing ivory for repair or reuse
Steam nozzle for removing key bushings from piano keys
Steam nozzle for removing key bushings

Most of my shop made piano tools are small, like cutters, wrenches, tuning hammers, letter stamps, and punches and dies, most of which are special items that can't be readily purchased from catalogs but which differ only in details of profile, size or font from ones that can.

Others are special fixtures and simple tools with slight improvements to devices seen in most shops. The first of these were for fitting new replacement hammers - I had been dissatisfied with the tools I had trained with, and designed mine to avoid their shortcomings in order to improve both the efficiency of the process and consistency of the results. The completed tools accommodate a wider range of parts and also make regulation simpler and more durable than I had been able to achieve with either stock parts or other tools.

Fixture for holding blank piano hammers to bore them to match string angles
Drilling new hammers at the required angles
Fixture for cutting grand piano hammer moldings to the correct length
Cutting grand hammers to length

Fixture for shaping grand piano hammer moldings with the correct radius and angle
Shaping grand hammer tails to the best radius and angle for checking
Fixture for tapering grand piano hammer moldings to reduce weight and create clearance
Tapering grand hammers parallel to the shanks for maximum clearance

I continue to try to expand the capabilities of my shop, and my small set of metalworking machines makes it possible to create useful tools that are both precise and long lasting.

Machined plate for rolling threads for piano damper wires
Rolled thread for square piano damper wires
Machine for drilling holes for action center pins
Dual spindle machine for cross drilling action parts

Drill press attachment for making rectangular mortises
Key and key button mortising machine
Self made die tooling for making piano keyboard punchings
Punch and die for making keyboard punchings